Oct 26

Best Practice for Live Broadcasting

When you go live on apps like Live.Me, YouNow, Periscope and may other similar apps you should follow some basic safety procedures:

You should NEVER go live when undressed.

Don’t share personal information, for example where you live.  But even simple things like Snap Chat and Instagram should only be shared with people you trust. You should not share social media with strangers.

When you set your profile picture make sure it is something that would not attract perverts.

People will ask you to show your feet, please don’t. I know it sounds crazy but there are some perverts that like feet.

Gymnastics, you might enjoy doing gymnastics but it is not safe to do a lot of gymnastics moves on live.  Perverts will record you and post and sale images of you online.

TURN OFF your location feature before you go live.  On Live.Me by default your location is shared with everyone.  You don’t want the perverts to turn into stalker.


We will add more as we continue to create and update this website.  ~Unicorn


  1. rik70

    hi everyone i hope i can be of some use to protect younsters from online predators.

    1. Unicorn

      Thank you Rik70. Do you use LiveMe, what is your username?

      1. rik70

        im a live.me user my username is keepyourselfsafe

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